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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 12, 2011 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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better off not catching jeter's home run? here are your responses on facebook. benny says, he should have caught the ball. not every day an ordinary person can be a part of history but another example our current system didn't work. maybe we should start to seriously explore that flat/fair tax proposal. >> dawn writes i believe the yankees or jeter should step up and pay the taxes. they profit from the ball and the tickets he received were nice. but the franchise is going to make millions from it. a lot of people thought somebody else should step up and pay the taxes but that is considered a gift and he could get tax odd that as well. poor guy! >> that's going to do it for us. see you bright and early "cnn newsroom" begins right now with kyra phillips. >> he doesn't need that! >> people said he should sell the ball. now he could be on the hook for taxes. >> he could be making some money
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is all i'm saying. thanks. it's 9:00 a.m. on the east coast and 6:00 a.m. on the west coast. i'm kyra phillips. thanks for joining us. rupert murdoch facing new allegations of slesing reporting tactics. two more of his newspapers engulfed in scandal. live images now as two crew members from the international space station begin a lengthy list of chores. cia plot revealed in the chase of osama bin laden. we will tell you about the fake vaccination drive to collect dna samples. we begin this morning with the most powerful media empirs in the world rocked by a scandal that grows deeper and wider. two more of rupert murdoch's newspapers in great britain now face their own accusations of appallinging wrong doing. their report target no less than the royal family and a former prime minister. in fact, gordon brown says the paper had links to criminals in order to hack into his bank accounts. and the medical records of his seriously ill son.
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meanwhile, members of parliament are demanding tough answers from police. how do they not uncover a hacking conspiracy that could mushroom to thousands of victims? let's get the latest from rivers live in london. they are asking murdoch and his son to testify? >> reporter: yeah. i mean, this is a pretty incredible development, inevitable, perhaps given the huge fury about the whole scandal. ruppert and rebecca brooks have been asked to appear before what is a select committee here which is a cross-party committee of members of parliament and can question people about a particular issue. the police involved in the current inquiry and in past
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inquiries have been questioned by a similar committee this morning. it's a pretty ferocious grilling that they get here, fairly aggressive at times. a lot of back and forth. it's like a courtroom cross-examination. it's not a court, though. it's part of the parliamentary system here. whether they can be forced to attend, well, it's a kind of a moot point. "news international" saying senior executives will cooperate. they can be reported to the buildings behind me, the house of commons, if they don't cooperate. the problem is both rupert and james murdoch have u.s. citizenship. i think rupert murdoch has dual u.s. and australian citizen so unclear whether he can be force to do appear. they say he will cooperate. whether that means rupert murdoch, himself, will turn up, we don't know. if he does, it's going to be incredible because there are so
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many swirling allegations about the paper and the organizations that he runs, suggestions of links to the criminal underworld of illegal activities and targeting. everyone from 9/11 victims to the royal family he has a lot to answer if he does appear. >> dan rivers live from london. we will be talking about this later in the hour. could the scandals there in great britain impact murdoch's impact here in the u.s. back here in the states. congressional leaders return to the white house to negotiate raising the debt ceiling. the deadline is three weeks from today, but the divide separating democrats and republicans may be wider than ever. dan lothian is at the white house. dan, the president is trying to bridge this divide. does he have the political clout to pull it off j? >> reporter: he is trying to. that is why for the third day in a row now, he will be meeting with congressional leaders hoping a deal can get hammered
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out. you saw the president holding a press conference yesterday. he sits down for an interview with cbs news today. the president is still pushing for a bill deal, a comprehensive deal and he is telling it republicans he is willing to take the heat from his own party because he is willing to put things like entitlement programs on the table and he is urging republicans to stand up to their base as well. the bottom line, the president does not want any kind of temporary agreement that he believes will only push the problem down the roped. road. >> i will not sign a 30-day or a 60-day or a 90-day extension. that is just not an acceptable approach. and if we think it's going to be hard -- if we think it's hard now, imagine how these guys are going to be thinking six months from now in the middle of election season when they are all up. it's not going to get easier. it's going to get harder. so we might as well do it now. pull off the band-aid.
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eat our peas. >> reporter: of course, taxes remains the big sticking point. the president, though, insisting that nothing would change before 2013 so it would not happen during a difficult economic environment, but house speaker john boehner saying that there's no reason to raise taxes in order to control spending. he believes the best way to get revenue is by improving the overall economy by creating jobs. he says he is willing to get a deal done with democrats and the white house, but, in his words, it takes two to tango and they are not there yet. >> dan lothian at the white house, thanks. the debt crisis overseas sending a chill through wall street this morning. less than half hour before the opening bell, u.s. stocks may be headed for another rough day. ali velshi is joining us live from new york. ali, what does it mean? >> well, you know, first of all, futures seem to be leveling out a little bit, kyra. a couple of things going on here. one as dan was just saying, we just heard from the treasury
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secretary who is making a speech and he says he is expecting a deal on the debt done by the end of the week. you got that whole u.s. debt thing weighing on the markets. yesterday, the markets took a tumble. and what you've got is concerns about europe. so greece has been weighing on everybody's mind. now italy has come into the forefront. it's this whole concept, kyra, whether it's the u.s. or europe, if somebody -- some government is not able to meet its obligations, all debt becomes risky, all debt in governments, all debt in safe institutions become risky and that means interest rates go up and interest rates going up as you and i have discussed many times has the same affect around the world means it cost more to borrow money which means consumers spend less money and businesses take fewer loans and they expand at a slower pace. what we need in the world right now is people to invest money, perhaps money to invest it and to spend. interest rates have the effect of slowing economies down. investors in the u.s. this morning are looking with one eye on europe to say is italy going
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to become the next greece? most say it probably isn't but a reason for concern. what is happening with the united states? are we getting a deal or not? that is the stuff has investors worried right now. if you are have a 401(k) or i.r.a. i would say it's time to make sure you know what to do and log in if things get rattled. at this point, markets look like they are probably open lower but not a major worry at this hour. things are changing on an hourly basis between europe and u.s. debt negotiations. >> we have this deadline looming, august 2nd. if the stalemate continues for the next couple of weeks, what do we do? >> i think you got a week to ten days before you need to start worrying. i would say if we are ten days from now and we don't have a deal, what you'll start to see is people taking their money out of stocks and putting them into what we to be more secure investments and that is cash or
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gold or comomodities. most people are playing the next week. treasury secretary geithner and president obama and eight congressional leaders in these negotiations are all sort of saying it's in everybody's interest to get a deal. if you see somebody breaking away or not getting one you might want to look at your investments and make sure you're not too overly exposed to a volatile stock market. >> got it. ali, appreciate. president obama is pushed back from members of his own party from offering negotiations in the debt negotiations. let's talk who is the most angry, mark? >> we talk a lot about the tea party influence and the conservative activists interests over the debt negotiations. you know something? we are seeing a world up in arms. in fact, let's take a look at this pledge from the progressive change campaign committee. an e-mail they sent out yesterday and they are threatening to withhold financial support, as well as volunteer hours. in fact, progressive change
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campaign committee says 189,000 people have agreed not to help president obama win re-election if he tuchouches medicare and medicaid. the committee says that this value of all this is equal to 2 million volunteer hours. get this. and $11 million in contribution. so we are seeing the liberals right now up in arms over what they think could be putting some of these entitlement programs in jeopardy. let's talk quickly about president clinton and what he has been doing since he has left office back in 2001. while he has been out on the speaking circuit as all of our former presidents tend to do, it's turned out to be very lucrative. we looked at secretary of state hillary clinton financial reports required to be filed with the federal government. in those reports we got a look at what bill clinton is making on the campaign. or rather on the speaking
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circuit. just in the last year alone, kyra, he made $10.7 million for 52 speeches. since he left office back in 2001, the staggering number of $75.6 million president clinton has made on the speaking circuit. we should note he does quite a bit of philanthropy. your next political update in an hour. always get all of the political news 24/7 at cnn/ afghan president hamid karzai half-brother has been assassinated. ahmed wali karzai shot during a kar gathering at his home. zain verjee joins us now. any details you can tell us? >> we understand a bodyguard shot him. a gathering at his own home in
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kandahar. a bodyguard said i want to talk to you about something. they went into another room and he was shot. he was shot and had bullets in his head, his chest, possibly his hand as well. they rushed him to the hospital. he did not survive. kyra, this is a really significant death. this is a man who was the most powerful man in all of south afghanistan based out of kandahar an nothing happened in that entire region without him. he controlled the area for his brother, the president hamid karzai. it was really critical for the united states because they really depended on him for their ability to move forward with the anti-taliban campaign. they held their nos because this guy was corrupt dealing in the drug trade, although he denied the allegations but it was believed he was fueling the drug trade, as well as profiting from private security contractors as well. it is something that is going to worry the u.s. about the stability of afghanistan and of the region and it will benefit the taliban.
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>> zain verjee, definitely a story we will continue to keep following and see what impact it does have on politics there. of course, his brother, the president. the man with a huge collection of presidential memorabilia apparently tried to add to it illegally. we will tell you what went down. crew members from the international space station have started their space walk. wait until you see and hear what they are working on. [ barks ] ♪ [ cat meows ] ♪ [ whistles ] ♪ [ cat meows ] ♪ [ ting! ] [ male announcer ] travelers can help you protect the things you care about and save money with multi-policy discounts. are you getting the coverage you need
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we inspect your air filter, cabin filter. there's bugs, leaves, lint, crud. you'll be breathing that. i do believe it's part of a locust. make sure your alignments good. your brakes are good. you've got all sorts different things that you check off. your fluid levels. pretty much everything you could need. it gets done. it gets done quickly. and it gets done correctly. the works fuel saver package, just $29.95 or less after rebate. only at your ford dealer. you're a doctor. you're a car doctor. maybe a car doctor. checking stories across the country. protesters shut down a san francisco subway station angry over a police shooting. transit officers shot and killed a drunk man after a confrontation last week. the protesters want the officers
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fired and charge as criminals. bakersfield, california, another police shooting killed a former nfl football player david lee turner. police say that turner was buying beer for minors and he had hit an officer in the head with a -- of beer. the second officer shot and killed turner who was a running back that played two seasons for the cincinnati bengals. in balance more, barry landau and another man charged of theft. it has one of the largest collection of of memorabilia. they tried to steal papers signed by abraham lincoln. crew members from the international space station are getting ready for the latest spacewalk. the last spacewalk actually. it will last more than six hours and get this. the "atlantis" crew is also testing a new system to turn their urine into a sugary
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flavored sports drink. that got us thinking about the list of many things developed by the space program. let's get some perspective on that and turning to our john zarrella who has covered nasa so many years. here are the live pictures. this is happening right now as we speak. first of all, tell us about what they are working on right now. actually, turning this -- >> actually, that is an exterior of the international space station that we're looking at. i'm not sure from which camera angle that is taken but you can see there's darkness out there. they are waiting for the two astronauts mike fossum and ron garo who are on in the air lock to open the air-lock and go out into space in their space suits. what they are going to do this morning, this is an old ammonia
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pump that failed about a year ago. that pump that failed a year ago has been put into like just an area where it's being housed. they are going to get on the cannon of the arm and take turns out there and grab that ammonia pump and put it into the shuttle's cargo bay so it can be brought back to earth. it is space junk now they want to get rid of. with the last shuttle flight, it gives them the opportunity to get rid of that old pump along with other stuff they will be bringing back that is just space junk. this spacewalk should last about six hours. kyra? >> as we know, many things have come from our time in space. >> reporter: yeah. >> many inventions. quickly, a look at that list, tell me about the sugary flavored sports drink they are working on? >> reporter: there is a lot of different drinks out there. a lot of stuff that they have been working on for years. and, you know, sports drinks are one -- you've got the list of
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some of the other items up there. but, you know, there's also an interesting item, you know, that the united states army is using some robots now that search for ieds. many their lives are saved from the rob botts and they are that is coming from nasa and mars rovers they are using. kyra, have you two little children. guess what? something nutritional that has been developed by nasa is in some of the milk that is sold for babies. take a listen to this sound bite. >> the nutritional supplements that were discovered during algae experiments for longer space flights believe to be important in developing the brain and eyes and fatty tissue there only found in human breast milk and now found in 95% of the
6:20 am
infantry formula sold around the country. >> that is interesting. that in addition to bar coding and memory foam, led technology, sunglasses. incredible over the years. this latest thing they are working on as you said. >> amazing. yeah, you know, we always say nasa has cost the taxpayers so much money. half of 1%, that's right. half of 1% of the federal budget goes to the space program and "apollo" gave us 0e different spin-offs and the space program lasted a lot longer than "apollo" more than that. >> when they do that, we will take it live. john, thanks so much. women around the world were asked about their stress levels. a lot of their stress was tied to their financial situations. okay, we can understand that. so we are going to talk about where exactly, what part of the
6:21 am
country the most stressed women are. later, a food fight. >> it was an ignorant decision. you know? who says that at 6 you're magically mature enough to eat in a restaurant? >> it's up to him. if he thinks there is a problem under 6, then i think the patrons should abide by that. >> it's not that kids eat free if they are under 6. they don't eat at all! we will tell you about one restaurant, an owner's decision is making that has parents talking.
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showbiz headlines. beyonce's dad says he didn't do it. tmz reports he was fired after suspected he may be stealing from her. her law firm audited him and he was shown the door. according to tmz the dad is trying to prove his science. black-eyed peas take a break. at a show in england they told
6:25 am
fans it would be similar to the one taken after their 2005 cd "monkey business." they perform again in 2009. they performed rather in 2009. pawn stars "hoss" is trading fat for fit. he got a lap band. his weight back then 365 pounds. he tells people after a year of workouts, new diet, he lost 115 pounds. how stressed out is your wife, your daughter, your mother? a new study asks women around the world how stressed they were. they actually asked women in 21 countries and zain verjee who never stresses at all brings us the details of this study. oh, we can relate, can't we? >> yeah, we can. after all of those massages you and i get, the pedis, we are so relaxed after our aromatherapy before we come into work.
6:26 am
let me tell you, nielsen did a survey of 21 countries. number three the most stressed out country in the world is russia. number two was mexico. and the number one most stressed out country in the world was india. kyra, 82% of women said they just did not have any time to relax. united kingdom at number 11 and the united states number 12. in this survey they made a distinction between emerging countries and developing countries. what they found out with something like india, for example, as well as the other developing countries, is that women had to juggle work, right? their careers, as well as busy home lives. but they also had to conform to very traditional expectations and traditional standards. so they found in developing countries women had the social infrastructure to allow them to juggle the social support to do
6:27 am
but in developing countries not the case. the least stressed out country in the world is, can you guess, kyra? >> no. tell me where! bora bora? tahiti? >> yeah. i wish we could go there. it's actually sweden. are you moving there any time soon? >> i may be doing that now. you and i will be packing our bags. it's a beautiful place, that's for sure. >> it sure is. >> zain, who never stresses us out. thank you. pennsylvania restaurant owner says there is nothing wrong with babies except that you just can't control the volume and he wants them out. he instituted a ban for children under age 6. bad idea or good business decision? alison kosik is watching your money and watching the baby patrol as well! there a lot of controversy over this, alison. a lot of people talking about this decision. >> there is. you know, kind of remind me soup nazi. this is kind of a -- yeah,
6:28 am
exactly. no restaurants for 6-year-olds. this is happening at mcdane's restaurant in monday vovilroevi pennsylvania. near pittsburgh. his name is mike buick. he and his customers have had it with these noisy kids and he wants them out. he doesn't want them in the restaurant. you know what? it could be good for business. the restaurant happens to be attached to a golf course so this kid ban could pleas those older customers who come in. buick says i'm giving customers what they want. here is what he has to say. >> we've had the place here for 22 years and the restaurant 9. i've noticed in the 9 years certain people can't leave their child home. maybe their child is the center of the universe but they don't realize it's not the center of "the" universe. >> well, well, well, i'm sure plenty of local restaurants ready to jump on this and
6:29 am
welcome kids into their restaurants with open arms. parents, you know what? you can always cook for the under 6 crowd too. serious side. check on the market. we are coming off on pair of losing sessions that we have had here on wall street and on track for another week open. it's italy that is grabbing the european debt crisis spotlight away from greece and making investors really nervous that europe's problems are spiraling out of control. >> alison kosik, thank you. he put his life on the line for his fellow soldiers and lost a hand in the process. an american hero headed to the white house today to accept the nation's highest military honor.
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the scandal voupeding murdoch's media empire is groundhog. gordon brown says one of murdoch's entities obtained his bank details and they are asking him and his son to testify before them. the last shuttle of the spacewalk is going on right now. space debris is no danger to the
6:33 am
space station at this hour. half-brother of hamid karzai is assassinated at his home. the taliban is claiming responsibility. a vaccination program in a pakistani city seems simple enough but wasn't what it appeared to be. the two pakistani nurses told by a doctor to vaccinate residents in abbottabad wasn't what it was supposed to be. reza, give us the details on this alleged plot. >> reporter: yeah, this was a fascinating plot and it drives home how far the cia went to to lott osama bin laden. we note a pakistani source tells us that a pakistani doctor has been arrested and is he suspected of helping out the cia set up this plot. according to this source, he
6:34 am
allegedly set up a vaccination campaign, offering free shots, free vaccinations to children and residents of abbottabad where the bin laden compound was. according to the newspaper "the guardian" he hired two nurses to go house-to-house to get to the bin laden kids and extract thain bloods or use the swings from the vaccination to match their dna to with the dna of bin laden's sister who passed way in boston last year. we are not able to confirm whether the two nurses got bin laden's compound. we tracked one of the nurses over the phone and she kept telling us repeatedly she can't comment on this matter. we have managed to talk to six residents in abbottabad and they tell us in late april days before the raid on the bin laden compound, two nurses were going around in abbottabad administering these
6:35 am
vaccinations. fascinating details to this plot and a lot of information to be gathered yet but it comes straight out of a -- seemingly. >> no doubt. and then just to ask you more about this doctor and the fact that the doctor is in detention. you know, what does that tell us about u.s./pakistani relations and the trust factor here? >> reporter: it tells us that the relationship is not good. -- unilateral raid on this compound could be sending a message on this arrest. pakistani officials have made it clear to establish how the u.s. and cia was able to establish their own intelligence network behind the pakistani government's back. but certainly it indicates when it comes to some intelligence and this raid on this bin laden
6:36 am
compound that u.s. and pakistan were not on the same page. >> we will following this. reza, thanks. petree watched as a gra maid landed near him. he grabbed grabbed the grenade and threw it back. it severed his right hand. this afternoon he is awarded the medal of honor for his life-saving action. barbara starr is joining us live from the pentagon. barbara, tell us more about this pretty usa young man. >> reporter: he will receive the medal of honor later today from president obama in the white house what they call acting above and beyond the call of duty. it was a very daring daylight raid that they were on. usually, these types of compound raids take place under the cover of darkness.
6:37 am
they went in during the day after insurgents. when they got in the compound, heavy fire end. the only place to find cover was a chicken coop and where they tried to fire back from. petree, a grenade tossed to his area in the chicken coop. he picked it up, already wounded and threw it back at the insurgents. it went off in his hand and he lost his right hand. but according to other troops who were there with him under fire, they very much credit him with saving their lives. if you just want to understand something about this 32-year-old soldier, consider this. he's now been in the war zone on eight different tours of duty in iraq and afghanistan. he is still, with his beloved 75th ranger wretregiment he wil step in today in the white house next to the president of the
6:38 am
united states. >> i understand his wife and four kids will also be there. what an incredibly proud family. >> it really is. >> reporter: i think it's worth taking a minute to remember he is the only second service member to be receiving the medal of honor. there have been several others. their families have received the medal of honor. the nation's highest combat award because, sadly, in so many of these cases, it is heavy combat, it is brutal, it is deadly and they do pass away, they die trying to save their buddies on the battlefield. this is only the second young man. it was about several months ago, sal jenta, another army soldier, received the medal of honor for his actions in eastern afghanistan. now we have a second young man, as we say, stepping into history alongside so many others.
6:39 am
kyra? >> they humble us all for sure. barbara, thanks so much. >> reporter: sure. republican michele bachmann making a strong run for the white house but is she fit to be president? coming up we will talk to our lz granderson who has some proceed v provocative thoughts on the matter.
6:40 am
6:41 am
6:42 am
she is the darling of the tea party movement. but is michele bachmann fit to be president? she is accused of numerous gaffed which remind us of howard dean. remember this moment when he got knocked out of the 2004 presidential race? >> going to south carolina, oregon and michigan and then we're going to washington, d.c. to take back the white house! yeah! >> weekly contributor lz granderson says bachmann is the new howard dean with far more gaffes and she is still a contender. lz, you say she is not fit for the white house but she has dominated the headlines, increased her popularity and is legitimately running for president. she has got a following. >> reporter: i know! i know! can you believe it?
6:43 am
i mean, i really am confused by this, i really am. it reminds me of what happened here in michigan back in 1998 when we hadeverry figer who is famous for defending zach kevorkian. he ran for golf and like bachmann made serious erroneous statements and he was the contender. i said what is going on. >> you say she has been given a pass. why do you say that and what do you mean? >> reporter: i don't know if it's a pass as much as she has an -- a group that doesn't really care that she makes these mistakes because they just seem to like her. and while, you know, that is definitely admirable to like someone, you have to really look at their political stances before you can decide to make a decision who you're going to vote for, at least i would think. >> you say her conversations don't matter. why?
6:44 am
>> reporter: i'm baffled. i mean, i wrote this piece because i'm hoping that the readers will have some suggestions to help me wade through there murky water. i really don't understand how she can get away with saying the things that she says like banning porn which is including the marriage vow she recently signed and ignoring her. >> but people are supporting her and showing up at the rallies. >> aren't you scared? aren't you scared by that? >> you're not supposed to put me on the spot like that! i'm remaining neutral. this is your op-ed, lz, your op-ed! >> i'll put it this way. yes, that scares me. it scares me that someone can say things line african-americans are better off in slavery than they are under president obama and no one in her supporter base is taking that seriously enough to say, you know what? maybe she is not the person i should be supporting. >> here is your opportunity to write into lz and get involved
6:45 am
in on the conversation. he wants you to give him a reason to support michele bachman so read his piece on and weigh in and you can get into it with lz. lz, thanks. >> hey, thank you. >> always a pleasure. we talked about the stifling heat gripping the country right now. we will show you an example of what exactly it can do. there you go. we have been telling you about the phone scandal in britain. we are learning that phone hacking is easier than you might think.
6:46 am
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checking stories across the country. chicago has cleaning up to do. downed trees and overhurned plane. more than 800,000 people losing power because of a storm that grew out of the intense heat that is sending the heat index into triple digits in 15 states. take a look at this. in oklahoma, pawnee county, engineers blame the heat for the buckle of the highway. this is the cimarron turnpike. a man on a motorcycle went airborne trying to cross the section of the roadway and wound up in the hospital. british government is calling rupert murdoch to testify about how his newspapers allegedly spied on people for years minding for stories for his british newspapers. former british prime minister gordon brown says he is one of those victims. >> i think what happened pretty early on in government is that
6:49 am
the "sunday times" appear to have got access to my building society account, they got access to my legal files, "the sun" question mark about what happened to other files, documentation, tax and everything else. but i'm shocked. i'm genuinely shocked to find that this happened because of their links with criminals. >> so we are hearing a lot about phone hacking these days. how exactly do you do that? cnn's brian todd talked to the experts and it's a lot easier than you might think. >> reporter: for "news of the world" reporters to have allegedly hacked into the voice mills of milli dowler or other victims experts say they wouldn't have to be experts. >> there are a lot of easy to use techniques and available tools that can help hackers get access to your phone. >> in speaking with telecom and cybersecurity experts picked up three techniques hackers can get
6:50 am
into that your voice mail. keep trying default pass codes like enter 111. >> enter password and log is incorrect. try again. >> reporter: many cell phone providers give providers default pass codes and many to retrieved many never bother to use them or change them to things like their birthdays. a founder of a cyber security company. >> a second method tore hacking into voicemail, spoof to make it think it's their own phone accessing the voicemail. to do that you sometimes can go to a website that let's you get a spoof phone number, and we're going to do that. >> reporter: we buy a spoof account on, a legitimate site for pranksters allowing us to call any number, make it seem it's coming from any number we want. from another phone we call his
6:51 am
cell phone disguised as his own number. >> i'm going to ignore this phone call. >> ignore the call. >> okay. >> please leave a message. >> you hit star. >> you have one unheard message. >> so we were able to hear your voicemails just now, a very suffer process . >> i'm dialing my voicemail account from my phone i get straight into it. >> reporter: some ask for a pass code some don't making it easier for hackers. a third method to hack into a voicemail. >> call your network operator and pretend to be you and say they lost your password and they need to get access to your account, supply information such as your social security number, date of birth and mother's maiden name and be able to get access to your full account. >> reporter: how do you protect yourself? experts say call your carrier and set a pass code for your
6:52 am
account itself. even if a hacker knows a lot of that personal information about you, they don't know that pass code. experts say you should also keep changing the passwords on your accounts, maybe as often as you change your toothbrush, like every few months and limit the amount of personal information about yourself on facebook and other social media. that's a gold mine for hackers. brian todd, cnn, washington. you won't see this card at any hallmark store. instead, just head to grand central station and sign it. baseball fans congratulate derek jeter on joining the 3,000-hit club.
6:53 am
6:54 am
making news later today,
6:55 am
president obama presents the medal of honor at the white house at 2:00 eastern. congressional leaders are at the chief executives mansion for a meeting with the president on reducing the nation's debt. that will be set for 3:45 eastern, and a memorial for former first lady betty ford is being held at 5:00 eastern in palm desert, california. following lots of developments in the next hour of cnn. check in first with dan lothian on those critical debt reduction talks. dan? >> reporter: that's right. congressional leaders return to the white house for the third straight day. president obama asking them to come with specifics as they try to reach that goal of raising the debt ceiling. there's still big differences and republicans are still saying, no tax hikes. more on that at the top of the hour. i'm zain verge any london. in afghanistan president hamid karzai's half brother assassinated in kandahar. why it even matters to the united states.
6:56 am
i'm alison kosik at the new york stock exchange. demand for streaming mothers online is red hot and studios are positioning themselves to cash in on the craze. i'll tell you who loses when the studios win in the next hour. kyra? >> all right, alison. thanks, guys. also coming up next hour -- forget about the cash bonus. how about blowing it up instead? talk to the explosive sales team, next hour.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
all right. can't believe it nearly happened again. another fan almost fell over from the railing at a ballpark. jeff fischel had friends there, to catch him right as he was over the railing. >> hanned last night during the home run derby. frightening. just days after a fan fell at a texas rangers game and died. here it is last night. prince fielder during the home run derby. deep shot. watch the shadow. keith carmichael falls over the rail but his brother, a friend and other fans grab and held on. a frightening moment. he was okay. he is, of course, the big winner from last night. the big winner on the field, yankees second baseman robinson who beat the red sox 12-11 in the home run derby final.
7:00 am
what made it more special, his dad was the one pitching to him. the great moment there, the hug. congratulating another yankee. derek jeter on reaching 3,000 hits. a 15-foot card is in new york's grand central station. if you can't get there to sign it, online wishes are pasted to it. they'll present the card to jeter along with $50,000 for his charity. nice to see. the 28 major-leaguer ever to reach 3,000 hits. >> you're not signing the card? thought you'd be the first one, "give me live interview." just say it on the air. there we go, jeff. top of the hour. 10:00 a.m. on the east coast. 7:00 a.m. out west. thanks for joining us. i'm kyra phillips. the embattled government of syria and secretary of state clinton. the u.s. embassies were not protected from rioters. calling her comments an act of incitement says damascus.
7:01 am
remaining under house arrest. a hearing on his sexual assault charges pushed back to next month. live pictures now as two crew members from the international space station begin a lengthy list of repairs. we're watching it live. we begin the hour with a program to vaccinate residents of a pakistani city, appeared innocent enough, even helpful, but it wasn't what it appeared to be. two pakistani nurses told by a doctor to vaccinate residents in abbottabad to identify the world's most wanted terrorist, osama bin laden. our reza sayah joins us live. reza what do we know about this doctor and this cia plot? >> reporter: yeah, kyra. this is high-stakes international spying at its best, but despite the intricacies of this, not sure if it worked.
7:02 am
here's what we know. a pakistani intelligence source tells us a pakistani doctor arrested and suspected of helping the cia set up this plot. according to this source he allegedly set up a free vaccination campaign offering shots and vaccinations to the children and residents of abbottabad. nurse was going from house to house and the plan was to get to the bin laden compound, extract a little blood to eventually match their dna samples with dna samples from bin laden's sister who passed away in boston, massachusetts last year. now, we haven't been able to verify it that they actually got into this compound. we managed to track down one of the nurses who participated, allegedly, in this plot and she september telling us she can't comment on this matter. we've also talked to residents of abbottabad who tell us the date before the raid on the bin laden compound there were two
7:03 am
nurses going from house to house, and one resident told us she actually accepted a shot, and one of the nurses -- the condition was for the vaccinations to be given they had to give up personal information. perhaps a strategy being used to gather information. one u.s. official told the "guardian" paper it was in place but wasn't successful in getting the dna sample, kyra. a little glimpse at the strategies the cia was implementing before this raid on the bin laden compound. >> reza, do we know why this doctor is still in custody? the doctor that tried to find osama bin laden? >> reporter: yeah. he's still in custody. it's not clear what's going to happen to him or if he's going to be charged with a crime, but i think it's another indication that comes to this raid on the bin laden compound. these two countries are still not on the same page. a lot of differences. pakistan still unhappy with what they call a unilateral raid on the compound a violation, they
7:04 am
call it, of their sovereignty. >> reza sayah, thanks. hamid karzai's half brother, assassinated. the provincial chief of kandahar shot at his home. zain verjee following this story since early this morning. can you give us details of the shooting? >> reporter: we understand, kyra, that he was in his home meeting with tribal leaders, politicians, and his friends, and his bodyguard said, look, i want to talk to you, according to one report, and went into another room, and at that time pulled a gun and shot him in the head and shot him in the chest. they took him to hospital, but he couldn't make it. he died. now, this is a very significant death, because this is a man who was so powerful and pretty much ran southern afghanistan after kandahar. nothing happened. people are too afraid to say a bad word about the place. he controlled this area for his
7:05 am
brother hamid karzai. he was known to be dealing with the drug trade, being a corrupt guy as well as with private security companies. even so, the u.s. held its nose, nato held its nose and did business with the guy because they needed to push ahead with the anti-taliban campaign and his death throws a lot of this stuff into question and it's going to lead to a lot of tribal fights, insecurity in the area and the underlying message is here, if the afghan government cannot even protect its own leaders, what can it do? and this is also a hole that the taliban is exploit. so the u.s., very concerned about his death. >> yeah. president hamid karzai, we'll see if he'll come out and speak about this. thanks. and negotiating raising the debt ceiling back at home. the deadline is three weeks from today the division between democrats and republicans may be wider than ever. >> the american people will not
7:06 am
accept and the house cannot pass a bill that raises taxes on job creators. now, the house can only pass a bill that includes spending cuts larger than the hike in the debt limit as well as real restraints on future spending. >> dan lothian is at the white house. dan, the president trying to bridge the divide, but does he have the clout to do it? >> reporter: well, he's trying and hoping that he does. that's why you've seen the president call congressional leaders here to the white house now for the third day in a row for these talks, asking them to come back. today with some specifics, with that goal in mind, of trying to get a compromise so they can raise the debt ceiling. the president saying he's willing to take heat from his own party, because he's putting things like social security, medicare on the table and urging republicans to be willing to deal with their base as well. but the president is still pushing for that big comprehensive deal because he believes that's the best thing long term for the u.s. economy.
7:07 am
speaking to a women's forum this morning, secretary of treasury timothy geithner said a deal la to get done by the end of this week, the latest next week in time for something to be drafted and passed by congress, and he's opted mi optimistic that this will happen. >> congress, of course, is going to pass and increase in the debt limit in time for us to avoid default. you know, we're a country that pays its bills and i very much appreciate the leadership, not just democrats but republican leader sthap they recognize default is not an option. >> reporter: republicans said with mitch mcconnell speaking now on the senate floor on the debt issue said, "in my view the president presented us with three choices. smoke and mirrors, tax hikes or default. republicans choose none of the above. i had hoped to do good but i refuse to do harm." that just shows you while there is talk about progress being made, there's still a big divide in the deadline of august 2nd
7:08 am
that's looming. >> dan lothian at the white house. thanks. still wondering exactly how the debt crisis will impact you and your family? coming up in less than ten minutes, we'll take a look at what a budget default could mean to the average homeowner. a crowd shuts down this san francisco subway station protesting a fatal shooting of a drunk man by police. [ male announcer ] to the seekers of things which are one of a kind. the authentic, the rare, the hard to define. to those always searching for what's pure and what's real from we who believe we know just how you feel. haagen-dazs. is best absorbed in small continuous amounts. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. new citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal. for the efficient absorption my body needs.
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7:10 am
checking stories across country, protesters shut down a san francisco subway station angry over a police shooting. transit officers shot and killed a drnk man after a confrontation last week, and this group is calling that shooting unjustified. in bakersfield, california, another police shooting killed former cincinnati bengal running back david lee turner. police say turner was buying beer for minors when he hit an officer over the head.
7:11 am
the second officer shot and killed turner after the alleged attack. in baltimore, police arrested presidential historian barry landau and another man. accused of stealing a million dollars worth of documents from the maryland historical society. landau has the largest collections of presidential memorabilia. among the things they tried to steal, papers signed by abraham lincoln. one of those powerful media empires in the world is rocked by a scandal that grows deeper and wider. two more of rupert murdoch's newspapers in great britain now face their own accusations of appalling wrongdoing. it reported targets no less than the royal family and a former prime minister. in fact, gordon brown says that the papers had links to criminals in order to hack into his bank accounts and medical records of his seriously ill son. meanwhile, members of parliament are demanding tough answers from police. how could they not uncover a
7:12 am
hacking conspiracy they could mushroom to thousands of victims? the latest from dan rivers in london. british lawmakers asking murdoch and his son to testify. >> reporter: yeah. i mean, if that does happen, it will be an incredible thing to behold. the most powerful, arguably, the most powerful media mogul in the world being held to account in front of a committee of parliamentarians here who have shown this morning just how aggressive they can be in their questioning. this morning, questions some of the police officers involved with the initial inquiry, the bungled inquiry, many would say, into this whole scandal and then the subsequent review, which was dismissed all this as just not really being a big deal. now we know, according to the police who gave evidence this morning that 3,870 names have been sort of found in the files ever this one investigator.
7:13 am
5,000 telephone land lines. 4,000 cell phones. and 45 officers are now involved in this. it's a massive inquiry and also very testy and angry exchanges between the police and the politicians this morning. politicians being seen here police officers, if they'd taken bribes from the news of the world and the police officers reacting angrily saying that's an outrageous question. of course not. incredibly interesting if rupert murdoch and his son james are called before a similar group of politicians. just what kind of grilling questions they'll get from politicians rightly reflecting the anger amongst the british public here. >> yeah. it will be interesting to follow this for sure. dan rivers, thanks so much. now, as we mentioned, in great britain, this scandal has rocked the confidence of news jumpingies who relied on these papers. but rupert murdoch also owns
7:14 am
some of the most powerful and prestigious news outlets right here in the u.s. the "wall street journal," the new york post" and a network we go head-to-head with every day. fox news. and the washington bureau chief for "newsweek" as well as the "daily beast" the host for cnn's "reliable sources." wanted to get that correct. we call you in on stories like these. let me ask you a couple of questions. do you think the tactics over there in great britain could have happened here as well? or happened here as well? >> well, in one example the cincinnati inquirer, more than a decade ago had to pay $10 million and apologize for obtaining legally the voicemail messages it was investigating and lots of instances of journalists either fabricating stories or networks paying for interviews. they always say we're not paying
7:15 am
for interviews, buying photos of people in the news, but nothing, kyra, on the level of this kind of systematic, appalling you know, hacking into the phone systems of not just celebrities but we've now learned lots and lots of ordinary britons. >> we want to point "wall street journal," "new york post" fox news, all different on many levels, but i think -- >> yeah. >> definitely not the same thing when you're talking about tabloid newspapers in great britain, but it does have people asking, you know, is it possible that because this part of murdoch's empire here in the states, could we see investigations with the "wall street journal," the "new york post" fox news? is it a possibility? >> well, there hasn't been any suggestion of anything like this at places like fox news or the "wall street journal," although i will point out the chief
7:16 am
executive of dow jones that publishes the journal will be drawn into this scant ball he was until a few years ago the head of murdoch's noose corp. unit in britain and had testified before the british parliament that the phone hacking scandal was basically limited to one rogue reporter and conducted their own investigation and he's absolutely confident there was nothing more to the story. he undoubtedly is going to be a key witness. a lot of people say he may not survive and the "new york post" had scrapes over the years. is a tabloid. i'm not comparing to what happened to news of the world but the page six gossip panel, allegations of trading favorable coverage for some freebies for the staff. that sort of thing. but i don't -- i want to be careful here not say that just because a number of murdoch papers in britain, it's now not just "news of the world" which just closed, of course, but the tabloid "the sunday times"
7:17 am
apparently being drawn into the scandal. i don't want to cast disburses on the murdoch properties here but it's a big black eye. >> quickly, yes or no. is it possible, knowing the chain of chaommand, rupert murdh could have been completely in the dark about what was going on with his papers? >> it is possible. with so many high-ranking officials drawn into this, i can't rule that out. he has to testify, dan lothian just mentioned, that can really complicate things. >> howie kurtz, thanks for weighing in. appreciate it. tmz says beyonce's dad was fired after she se spected he may be stealing from her. dad says, hey, i'm innocent. the details are next. [ shapiro ] at legalzoom, you can take care of virtually
7:18 am
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7:20 am
personal pricing now on brakes. tell us what you want to pay. we do our best to make that work. deal! my money. my choice. my meineke. the shows biz headlines, beyonce's dad says he didn't do it. tmz reports he was fired after beyonce suspected he may be stealing from her. she says after the tour company made the accusation her law firm audited him, then he was shown the door. according to tmz, knowles is still trying to prove his
7:21 am
innocence. ed black eyed peas trying to take an indefinite break. saying it's a break, not a breakup. a similar break like they took after think 2005 cd "monkey business." parading fat for fit. remember this look? says last year he got a lap band. his weight, 365 back then. the mystery channel star tells people after a year of workouts and a new diet, look at him now. he lost 115 pounds. if you're a netflix subscriber you may have noticed your choice of movies streamlined online shrunk a little last month. industry insiders took note and investors are wondering if it's a sign of things to come. alison kosik what do you think? >> i think it could be. what we're talking about is a bunch of movies from sony studios that, poof, disappeared because of what netflix called a temporary contract issue. now, this hatched after a deal from four years ago, between sony, netflix and starz movie
7:22 am
channel capped. the number of subscribers who could watch certain movies. streaming is red hot these days and netflix watchers actually hit the cap and that's what triggered these films be removed from the roster of netflix. kyra? >> so what do you think? are more movies going to disappear? >> could be, because "l.a. times" says netflix is on the verge of hitting a similar cap with disney movies pup fwlee? many of its licenses deal, set to go away by next year. so with streaming as popular as it is now, studios are in the, sort of the higher position. in the position to sort of jack up their asking prices, and netflix has competition from big fish by amazon, google and hulu. one analyst says, either netflix will lose a share of subscribers to the big fish or the big fish will drive up prices netflix pays for consent. either way it's netflix that's going to lose in this, kyra. >> okay. well, a lot of subscribers here. we hope things don't get that dismal.
7:23 am
alison, thanks. >> me, too. all right, coming up next, bill maher prefers a president bachmann to a president palin. weighing in. and the age of george jetson is here. a flying car. it's cleared for takeoff and about to be road-ready. we'll tell you how and when you might be able to take the wheel.
7:24 am
>> announcer: this past year alone there's been a 67% spike in companies embracing the cloud-- big clouds, small ones, public, private, even hybrid. your data and apps must move easily and securely to reach many clouds, not just one. that's why the network that connects, protects, and lets your data move fearlessly through the clouds means more than ever.
7:25 am
raising awareness with issues involving cancer, alcoholism and substance abuse and women's rights. now the world's most powerful
7:26 am
women will remember her. former first lady betty ford. her memorial service held in palm desert, california. cnn's sandra endo is there talking about the first ladies that will attend. hi, sandra. >> reporter: well, good morning, kyra. there is really just a small and select circle of women who can say they've held the title of being first lady of the united states, and the current one, michelle obama will be on hand to honor betty ford as well as former first ladies nancy reagan and hillary clinton. longtime betty ford friend rosalynn carter, a former first lady herself giving the eulogy later here in palm desert and former presidents george w. and bill clinton coming here to pay their respects. there will be a private visitation followed by a national memorial tribute for betty ford and then later on, the public will get a chance as well to pay their respects in a
7:27 am
tribute at this church at saint marge grit's episcopal church. her casket flown to grand rapids, michigan, tomorrow for another tribute where she will finally be laid to rest next to her husband, the 38th president. kyra? >> thank you. checking stories, half brother of hamid karzai assassinated at his home. the taliban is claiming responsibility. pakistani forces holding a doctor suspected in a fake vaccination program for people living in osama bin laden's compound. and treasury secretary tim geithner says a deal to raise the debt ceiling needs to be done by next week at the latest. no apparent progress in talks between the president and congressional leaders. political buzz. your rapid fire look at the hottest political topics of the day. three questions --
7:28 am
20 seconds on the clock and playing today, democratic national committee member robert zimmerman. cnn independent john avalon and political analyst will kane. first question, how you and jay leno seem to be on the same page. >> you be quiet! >> you be quiet now! >> what's it going to take to break this impasse? who exactly was arguing there? would you like to name the leaders? >> i think one of them resembled eric cantor, but i'm not sure. look, stop the debt talk tantrumtantrum s negotiation 101. got to move the country forward.
7:29 am
and republicans got to go for revenue increases or we're not dealing with the long-term deficit and debt. period. >> robert? >> with all due respect to john and jay, two political analysts i seldom disagree with, this is not about which side is being childish. president obama stood up and engaged in entitlements, proposed trillions in spending cuts. the republican leadership refuses to accept the premise that the debt creel lag to be ra raised and that it's negotiable. that's childish and needs to be put to a stop. >> will? >> robert's talking about this ideology, i've seen john talk about it, too, the republican party too crazy. i'll tell you something, some of that isn't wrong. there are some in the republican party living up to that but a much more mundane explanation called trust in politics. remember the government shut down a few months ago supposed to result in $38 billion in cuts? it doesn't result in anything. what do they mean by entitlement
7:30 am
reforms? that what's we need to know. >> bill maher tells piers morgan he'd prefer a president bachmann to a president palin. sarah palin tells "newsweek" she 0 could win a national election. which of these two has a better shot at this point? will? >> it's got to be bachmann because she's in it. you got to be in it to win it. neither should lead the gop. tell you why. pop pop pew lifts. they tell people what they want to hear, even when people are wrong. say things like you don't have to raise the debt ceiling. that's not leaning. being the first over the cliff. >> robert? >> i think the american people are winners if both of them run, because all of us advocating remedial education in history will benefit seeing them on the campaign stump. a new program, leave no candidate behind. ultimately, their standard and conduct will indicate the republican party doesn't have it. >> john?
7:31 am
>> talk about a political sophie's choice. look, i've long said sarah palin the thinking man's michele bachmann but bachmann is raunnig a good campaign. if palin got in, you got to give her the edge. reality, neither will win the general election. >> ten seconds each. michelle obama orders a meal as the samed new york city shake shack. you've all been there. 1,700 calories i'm told. what happened to her get fit campaign? robert? >> 1,700 calories? she was on the diet compared to what i have there. i love the fact she went there, because you can eat healthy and still have a couple of good meals. i think bachmann and palin should go there. beats the tea party kool-aid drinkers. >> michele bachmann joined the long list of leaders like our parents to our presidents who say, do as i say, not as i do. that's what michelle obama said.
7:32 am
>> we've all heard that one. >> john? >> i love the shack. i believe in modder nation all things including moderation. let her have a good cheeseburger. >> let's all go to lunch. thanks, guys. this afternoon lawmakers return to the white house for more negotiations on raising the debt. democrats and republican appear to be drifting apart, even as the august 2nd deadline fares down. we take a look at the doomsday scenario if an agreement is not reached in time. >> reporter: kyra, forget for a minute about all the trillions of dollars we're talking about in the bch. let's talk about what a budget default could mean to the average home out there. fundamentally, the issue is it would upset interest rates and the value of the dollar. so what would that affect? well, pretty much everything. look at the value of a home. could make interest rates rise on home purchases. it could make the cost of a mortgage rise substantially over time. basically paying more for their
7:33 am
houses. things like your car. once again, the rates for a purchase could rise substantially. the roads you're driving on, less quality, the government couldn't take care of them. the people who live inside the house. primary bread winner, father, unemployed, could lose money in his savings as well. if he's a small business owner, he could have a difficult time getting a loan and making his economy grow in his business. which means the economy and the rest of us have trouble because he can't hire people. the daughter, in the military. a salary limited or delayed. possible ious from the government. private contractors who provide things to her and her unit in the military might have layoffs and problem boss the government can't afford to pay. they can't pay them to supply things to her. what about the son up xwlehere? trying to go to college. student loans harder to obtain. restrictions on financial aid and grandma who lives with them,
7:34 am
her social security could wind up delayed. retirement benefits reduced. a tremendous impact on her, and mom, of course, she works for the government, could be hit the hardest of all. furloughed, credit card rates rising. you can see why when you look at this equation many people say, don't worry so much about the big government picture. we all have trouble understanding that. think about what it could mean at home. we don't really know if this would be the result. certainly it is a possibility that is on the table. >> tom foreman, thanks. witnessing an important part of history as it comes to an end. live pictures as two members of the international space station crew walk in space. blowing up the boss' car. we're going to talk to the sales team. that's coming up. oice is clear. fact is, more dental professionals brush
7:35 am
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your throat or tongue swells, you get hives, vision changes or eye pain, or problems passing urine. other side effects include dry mouth and constipation. nothing can reverse copd. spiriva helps me breathe better. breathing with copd is no small thing. ask your doctor about spiriva.
7:37 am
checking stories cross country, chicago has cleaning up to do. downed trees and an overturned plane. more than 800,000 lost power because of this storm that grew out of the intense heat sending the heat index into triple
7:38 am
digits in 15 states. in oklahoma engineers blame the heat for this buckling in a highway. it's actually the turnpike and a man on a motorcycle went airborne after crossing this second of the roadway and wound up in the hospital. the sales team of a utah business wasn't looking for a cash bonus. they actually wanted a more explosive reward. >> that was the deal that was struck. the team would get to blow up their boss' car if they reached their sales target. well, as you can see and hear, they did. and then some. joining me from salt lake city, utah, jeff arrington, senior accounting executive and jonathan, vp of sales, minus a clunker this morning. you actually proposed this idea. why?
7:39 am
>> you know, we had plenty of time making fn of his car and we got motivated. >> jonathan, what was wrong with your car? was it that much of a hoopdee? >> it was. one for customer visits and this was my computer car and it smelt like burn oil, shattered upholstery. >> it's scary not knowing what might have been in that trunk. maybe you should have checked before you blew it up. is it true you actually had a team member with you that, shall we say, had a special hollywood edge? >> yes. he did. we're so grateful that he knew what he was doing so that he could make it special. >> what exactly did he do in hollywood? >> you know, i don't know a lot of those details. we just know he did well at -- >> blowing things up? >> stunts, i guess you could say. pyrotechnic, in other words. now, jonathan what are you
7:40 am
driving now? a scooter? >> no. i picked up a honda pilot. >> oh. there you go. >> i upgraded. >> you did upgrade. all right. now, seriously, all the families came out for a party afterwards, i understand. jess, how did this boost morale at the company? the fact jonathan played along with this what has it done for everybody right now during this tough economy? >> we met our number that i think is a big relief so that people can get paid, and having fun family activities like this is really enjoyable for all of us. >> no doubt. jonathan what are you going to let them blow up next when they meet their next target goal? >> we haven't decided yet. we're definitely looking at something, though. i think bigger. >> good. we can't wait. standing by for the video. jess, jonathan, it was fun to talk to you. thanks so much for adding a little humor in our morning. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> you bet. next, the age of george
7:41 am
jetson is here. you're not going to want to blow this one up. why? because it fly, and pretty soon it could be on the road. also coming up -- g got pms? get milk. a new ad campaign does it really help with the awful symptoms and why are we looking at a man? there's another way to help eliminate litter box dust: purina tidy cats. tidy cats premium line of litters now works harder on dust. and our improved formulas neutralize odors better than ever in multiple-cat homes. so it's easier to keep your house smelling just the way you want it. purina tidy cats. keep your home smelling like home.
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another fan almost fell over railing at a ballpark just days after a fan fell at a texas rangers' game and died. it happened at the all-star home run derby. prince fielder's home run to right center. watch the spot shadow. keith carmichael falls over the rail, but his brother and a friend and other fans grabbed him and held on to him. he's the big winner, but the big winner on the field, yankees second baseman robinson cano beat the red sox. 12-11 in the final. what made it more special, his dad was the one pumping to him. pumping to him. and congratulating derek jeter on reaching 3,000 hits. 15-foot card in new york's grand central station, if you can't get there to sign it, online wishes are being posted to it as well. gillette will present the card to jeetder along with $50,000 for his charity. the u.s. women's open goes to playoffs.
7:45 am
sinking the birdie for the win. her first on the lpga tour. and other golfers ran into the green to douse her with champagne. thru go. sounds like something right out of a back to the future or the jetsons, but fine cars are actually real and cleared for takeoff and now it may not be long before you see them hit the road. alison kosik for the new york stock exchange tells us why. >> reporter: hi, kyra. this definitely is cool. this is one smart car with wings that actually fold in stow can drive on the road, and fly in the air. the company that's making it is terafugia. that means escape the earth. exactly what they have in mind with their transition flying car. so it's been in development for a tunnel of years now. the big news coming out, the national highway and safety administration cleared it for the road and terrafugia had to
7:46 am
use special plastic windows instead of glass. heavier tires handling a landing and that usual road-based driving and who can forget the takeoffs. it was cleared by the faa, kyra as a "light sport aircraft" last year. you want one of those? >> sounds pretty cool. is everyone going to be able to drive them? >> reporter: you know what? anyone with a valid driver's license can drive them on the road. if you want the flying car to fly, you'll need at least a sport pilot's license. you got to get a license first. another stipulation. you have to takeoff and land at the airport. can't be on the highway. don't expect to see them landing or taking off from the interstate any time soon. the price tag? about $250,000. the company is taking reservations now. if you're willing to pump down a $10,000 deposit. what recession? they got a lot of applications now, by the way. >> i can imagine. all right. stories making news later
7:47 am
today, president obama presents the medal of honor to army sergeant first place petri at the white house at 2:00 eastern. congressional leaders at the chief executive mansion for a meeting with the president of reducing the nation's debt. that meeting set for 3:45. and a memorial for former first lady betty ford held at 5:00 eastern time in palm desert, california. coming up, got pms? get milk. the milk board has a hilarious new ad campaign, and we're going to show you that and whether it really can help those symptoms.
7:48 am
7:49 am
7:50 am
crew members from the international space station doing a space walk right now. it will last more than six hour, but what's catching attention is this new system that they're testing to actually turn their urine into a sugary flavored drink. john zarrella joins us live to talk more about that. just one of many inventions that have happened up there in space. john, this is catching a lot of people's attention. >> reporter: really has. you know, the ability to do that being tested on the international space station, and it's because they have to find a way to recycle all of this stuff, literally "stuff." so that's one of -- not that anybody's too anxious to be the first to sample it, i don't think, but they are working on that, and on a bunch of other thing. something like 120 different spin-offs that have come out of the space shuttle program alone. another 80 that came out of the
7:51 am
apollo program. you know, we were talking earlier. there's one that's a nutritional supplement in milk for babies that came out of it. there's all kinds of devices. what we're looking at right there is the space walk that's underway right now. 245 mi above the ocean, looking at the arm of the space station. on the end of that arm in foot restraints is astronaut ron garren who's actually holding on to an 800-pound ammonia pump that failed a year ago and they're moving it from a stowage rack right now from there into the shuttle's cargo bay so that it can be brought back to earth as part of the more than 5,000 or 6,000 pounds of space junk that they're going to be bringing back, and, you know, you can see there. that's one of the helmet camera shots and i'm not sure which one
7:52 am
it is. if it's 18 or 20. that's how they differentiate which of the helmets is being used. mike fossett is helmet cam 20 and mike garrett helmet cam 18. that's literally a shot from the helmet camera as they're working with some of that equipment out there moving that 800-pound ammonia pump to inside the shuttle's cargo bay. absolutely amazing when you think of it what we are seeing. i believe that that's fossett's helmet cam there. >> pretty cool stuff, john. keep watching it live as it unfolds. 6.5 hours. awesome. thanks, john. >> reporter: yeah. >> all right. the anxiety, the mood swing, the irritability. those who suffer from pms, guy, there's hope. yes, guys. the campaign from california milk board. that's what this is. playfully targeting men as a type of pms suffers by proxy,
7:53 am
shall we say. now, what we wanted to know is, are they right? elizabeth cohen joining me now. i want to bring up the website. pretty hysterical. let's roll it. everything i do is wrong dot org. a hilarious campaign. you can see the guy in the middle of the screen holding that glass of milk saying, this can help with pms. so give us a reality check. is there truth to that? >> there actually are studies that show women who get a lot of dairy products. not just milk but a lot of dairy products, low-fat, do seem to suffer from pms less. you're looking a little grumpy. one for you. one for me. but i want to emphasize, it's not just milk. so, here. it's low-fat dairy. here's some low-fat cheese and yogurt. >> okay. all for you. >> i'll take the yogurt. i'll hold on to that. >> you got a case of the grumpies, kyra, dig in. >> so there is truth to this? >> there is. four servings a day. the women who had four servings
7:54 am
a day. >> okay. now let's get to the posters. i mean, we're used to seeing the milk with the mustache with all the stars. >> all the same margareting. they're good and know what they're doing. >> as we roll, it's man after man, you know, holding the cartons of milk. jut saying, you know, we can both blame myself. >> there are good things to say. i highly recommend. from a psychological point of view, absolutely. >> you know men say it. you know women say it. we both suffer from it. i'm curious, has there been any backlash to this so far? >> interesting, this campaign has been around in some form of another for five year. there hasn't. i thought women's groups would object. the only people i can see maybe objecting, scientists who say it's not just milk that helps. it's any dairy. you can see from your sloppy cheese over there. and study found things like riboflavin and thiamine mip help in spinach and fortified cereal.
7:55 am
it's not just milk. you can see why the milk people -- they're going to say milk. >> a reason to drink their milk. thanks, elizabeth. more fallout from the cheating scandal that's rocked the atlanta public school system. >> i failed to protect thousands of children -- children who come from homes like mine. >> a school board member breaks down in tears while turning in his resignation and several other job on the chopping block. and talking to the lawyer representing the film family of milly. hacked into her phone sparking outrage. that and more coming up in the "cnn newsroom." [ male announcer ] germs in your mouth build up and form a layer called biofilm so strong it survives brushing.
7:56 am
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7:58 am
no more mr. nice guy. jon huntsman taking the gloves off. paul steinhauser will tell us who he's going after. >> after mitt romney. according to the polls, the front-runner for the gop nomination. you said, no more mr. nice guy. yesterday in south carolina huntsman seemed to be trying out a new line sharpening his attack over romney. over job. whether he was a great job creator. huntsman pointed out when i was governor in utah, number one in the nation creating jobs and
7:59 am
guess what? massachusetts was 47th. guess where romney has been governor, massachusetts? stay tuned. kyra. this one is far from over. more to be said about this. >> did you say something about it's election day? >> reporter: it is. right in the middle of july -- >> wait a minute. >> reporter: what is going -- exactly. wait. it is election day. you could say republicans are california dreamin'. here it is. the gop thinks they may pull an upset. a special election in the los angeles area, along the beach, the south bay area of l.a. it's an open house seat. used to be harmon's old seat. democrats have had this district for years. a democratic overwhelmingly area, but tough economic times plus a low turnout could keep this contest pretty close. we'll keep our eyes on it and report back tomorrow, kyra. >> thanks, paul. you can always go to our website, for all things political. that does it for us. back here tomorrow morning bright and early.